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PVA Tepla America LLC

Our goal is to save time processing payroll with accuracy of time off and make more data-driven decisions

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20 - 50 Employees

Key Takeaways

Spend less time processing payroll and with accuracy of time off, especially for hourly employees

Make more data-driven decisions with Symply’s quick and customizable reports

Positive engagement of employees in tracking their own time-off balances


PVA TePla America is an organization within the semiconductor division of PVA TePla AG, a leader in the manufacture of semiconductor equipment. They are one of the world’s leading system engineering companies. Its core competencies are in the fields of systems for hard-metal sintering and crystal growing as well as the use of plasma systems for surface activation, functionalization, coating, ultra-fine cleaning and etching.

The Challenge

Previously, PVA TePla America had to track the work hours for their hourly employees and PTO for salaried employees via Excel spreadsheets. This took several hours to review and process payroll. 

They really needed a payroll platform with time and attendance processing that would enable them to process payroll faster and with accuracy of time off, especially for hourly employees.

The Solution

With Symply’s Time and Attendance Integration, PVA TePla America can now track paid time off, holiday vouchers, vacation, sick time, and other time off for salaried and hourly employees easily. The WorkforceHub timekeeping system ensures the accuracy of time off, especially for hourly employees. Instead of spending several hours reviewing work hours and processing payroll, they now spend less than an hour from start to finish reviewing the time cards and processing payroll.

PVA TePla America also added our Extra Support Add-on to their package, which has been very helpful in their payroll processing. They get help and answers to questions quickly from Symply’s support team.

With Symply’s quick and customizable reports, they have been able to make more data-driven decisions related to workforce management and financial planning through analyzing workforce data, monitoring trends and making informed decisions.


“Symply’s extra support (customer support) has also contributed to our payroll processing. Being able to email or call Mariella at Symply Support to get help or answer questions, especially when I am in a payroll crunch, has been extremely helpful.”

Kin LJungstrom


Corporate Controller


Symply’s Time & Attendance Integration has improved PVA TePla America’s accuracy and efficiency in tracking employee work hours. 

The reporting and analytics capabilities in Symply Payroll has supported them in making data-driven decisions related to workforce management and financial planning in the following ways:

  1. Analyze workforce data – The reports in Symply have made entering the information into their accounting system easier than in the past.  Being able to map everything by department and location codes has made all the difference when getting this into a format for their accounting system.
  2. Monitor trends – They are better able to see real-time and historically where chronic employee absences have been key components to job completions and also to see when OT is occurring as a necessary cost of doing business or where the OT was not necessary.
  3. Make informed decisions. – They are able to take the employee absences and OT trends and use them to decide when to hire additional personnel or not.

Symply’s employee self-service has also led to a positive engagement of their employees in tracking their own time-off balances to make better decisions about employee absences. They previously had employees who would forget they used all of their vacation and sick time and take additional time off that was unpaid.  Now they can better see what hours they have available in order to not go over their accrual balances. 

Also, this year was the 1st year that they did not mail out W2s or 1099s to the employees since they can access their own documents in their employee portals.

Bonus Benefits

Symply software has helped PVA TePla America address challenges related to labor law compliance. Reviewing the time cards in real time has helped in addressing employee meal time compliance for their hourly employees.  Also, being able to add in and assign the on-boarding documents has made employee on-boarding much easier and has also ensured compliance in the notices that they are required to give the employees.