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CA Hofmann Construction Inc.

CA Hofmann Construction Inc. has saved time on processing their weekly payrolls for their business.

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Key Takeaways

Process weekly payrolls on time

Automated W4 collection and storage

Customize and generate payroll reports over a specific time period


Hofmann Construction Inc. is a family-owned construction company that is passionate about delivering professional services to their clients, while caring for their employees. In order to free up their time to focus on fulfilling their client’s needs, Hofmann Construction decided to work with a software platform that manages their weekly payroll efficiently. They also understood how important trust is in a contractor-client relationship, and so their deciding factor for a payroll platform was one that would deliver on set expectations and manage their weekly payroll operations efficiently.

The Challenge

Hofmann Construction needed to become independent from having an accountant process their payroll. Running weekly payrolls as part of their business operations required a seamless transfer of transaction data between their payroll and accounting software. They needed a payroll platform that would help them become more organized with their payroll and accounting system. 

Also, all taxes for the company and employees had to be processed accurately in order to provide them and their employees with the correct documentation to file their taxes.

The Solution

Hofmann Construction made the decision to trust Symply payroll to provide them with the flexibility to manage their weekly payrolls efficiently and without errors.

With Symply as their payroll platform, they have been able to run their weekly payroll that also consist not just of regular payrolls but off-cycle and termination payrolls. Off-cycle payroll is run when they need to pay their employees outside of the regular payroll for a number of reasons such as one-time bonuses or missed hour corrections. Symply Payroll provides flexibility by allowing them to calculate employees additional hours (overtime, holiday, vacation, sick) and other earnings (bonus, reimbursement) on the go.

Symply has helped Hoffmann Construction become more organized with their payroll and quickbooks system. By setting up General Ledger reporting it will allow them to distribute the accountability of their money easily and efficiently. Symply’s report feature allows them to download the GL file (.iif) and seamlessly import the data into quickbooks.

To ensure tax compliance, Symply’s Documents feature stores the company’s quarterly tax documents, as well as the W-2 forms for each employee. With this feature it allows for Hofmann Construction to reprint W-2s or provide quarterly reports to their accountant if needed. Symply makes it easy for everyone to download from a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

In addition, Hofmann Construction can now easily customize, generate and download their payroll reports over a specific time period. All they have to do is select the report type, enter the date period and generate the report. The generated report can be downloaded in pdf or csv format. They really like that they can see how much was spent on each department, and customize reports to display by department.

As extra support is provided for them, Symply prints the payrolls and W-2 forms for each employee when they are generated, and they can be picked up during office hours. Since they don’t do direct deposit, they like that Symply can generate a check for them, and they can pick up their checks from Symply on the same day.


Symply made it easy to handle our payroll processing.

Shanon Hofmann


Project Manager


Since Hofmann Construction upgraded from running their payroll manually to Symply’s flexible and automated payroll platform, they have become more organized with their payroll and quickbooks system, and now have more time to focus on their business growth.

Hofmann Construction now processes their weekly payrolls, do their quarterly reports, and taxes on time.

Symply’s automated w-2 collection and storage keeps their business tax-compliant and the customizable reporting enables them to generate payroll reports over a specific time period.

With Symply’s extra support addon, the support team imports the employee’s work hours into the app with the import sheet provided by Hofmann Construction.

Bonus Benefits

Seamlessly Import List of Historicals 

In 2021, Hofmann Construction left Symply to another payroll provider with the goal of re-building their HR operations with them.

However, they returned to Symply after two months because the other payroll provider wasn’t able to deliver on what was promised.

On returning, Symply was able to ensure that the transition didn't affect their business operations by importing their list of historicals, getting their general ledger setup, and resume processing their payroll seamlessly.