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The Unforgettables Foundation

The Unforgettables Foundation has reduced their time spent on processing payroll by more than an hour.

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Key Takeaways

Payroll processing time reduced by more than an hour

Very simple interface, no need to worry about figuring out the system

Symply’s extra support provides answers immediately, get more time to focus on business growth


The Unforgettables Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Timothy Evans in 1999. The mission of The Unforgettables Foundation is to assist low income families provide a dignified, appropriate burial for their children who have passed away. Since 2000, The Unforgettables Foundation has assisted over 5,000 families.

The Challenge

The Unforgettables Foundation experienced some challenges with their previous payroll platform. There were so many back and forths within the screen to run processes like add deductions, set up direct deposit for each employee, and connect client accounts to direct deposit. Navigating through the interface wasn’t simple enough, and this made it difficult to process payroll and add employees in a time efficient manner. 

The user experience for printing reports was not smooth and quite difficult to grasp. They had to go to report, select the report type from so many options to get the correct report, select the pay period, then more options - summary or detailed. Lastly, click run and wait for it to get into the queue. This led to spending additional time figuring out how the payroll system works, and feeling overwhelmed while at it. 

The Solution

In 2020, The Unforgettables Foundation switched to Symply’s payroll platform. They didn’t have to worry about figuring out the system or how it works. Our simple interface enabled them to hit the ground running as soon as they signed up. They love the simplicity because it has reduced their time spent on processing payroll by more than an hour. At Symply, we strive to make complicated tasks as simple as possible.

One of Symply’s addons that The Unforgettables Foundation enjoys is Symply’s Extra Support. This white glove support involves providing answers immediately they call us to ask questions. They love that they are able to get the support they need in real time, and right when they need it. This immediate support has made their problem solving process efficient, and saved time for them to focus on their business growth.

After payrolls have been processed, they like that they can easily print their w-2s. When they were on the previous payroll platform, they never had their w2s available to them.

Symply’s instant report generation is another cherry on their cake. Once they select a report type and enter a date period, in one click, they have their reports generated and downloaded in multiple formats. Now they can generate over eight report types fast and easily.


Completely satisfied with the payroll program. Our rep, Mariella, is so helpful and friendly! Thank you!!!

Monique Guerrero


Executive Assistant


Since The Unforgettables Foundation switched to Symply payroll platform, their payroll processing time reduced by more than an hour. This is as a result of Symply’s very simple interface, they have never had to worry about figuring out the system. Simplicity is one of our core values at Symply, and this is evident across our designs. 

Symply’s extra support has empowered them to handle the complications of payroll with ease. As a result, we provided them with more time to focus on their business growth.

Bonus Benefits

Another Symply addon that The Unforgettables Foundation benefits from is Labor Law Poster. This helps them keep up with the changing labor law posters required by federal, state and local regulations for the workplace (onsite & remote). Symply ensures the labor law poster compliance for their business is automated so they don't miss an update or mandatory change, which could lead to hefty fines and lawsuits. As soon as a change occurs, Symply emails an updated and customized labor law poster to them.