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Alternative Adult Day Services is a Community Day Service providing support to individuals with developmental disabilities assisting them to appropriately maneuver through resources in their communities to achieve their goals of gainful employment, or educational pursuits through community college, vocational training in an area of interest that will give them additional qualifications for gainful employment.

The Challenge

Alternative Adult Day Services needed tailored solutions, invaluable advice, guidance and answers to their payroll needs. They found their previous payroll platform difficult to navigate and experienced delays when they were stuck because it took a while to get help from support.

They needed a payroll platform that would manage their time efficiently, and provide quick support.

The Solution

Alternative Adult Day Services started processing their payroll with Symply in 2020, and we have helped them save a tremendous amount of time and resources through our in-depth knowledge of the intricacies involved in managing payroll services.

Symply has been a great support in helping them manage their time. Our fast and reliable support team is always there to answer their questions and walk them through how to do what they need to do. They love Symply’s customer service and describe our support team as efficient and reliable professionals.

When Anita Stone, the CEO of Alternative Adult Day Services onboards employees, since most of the employees prefer direct deposit, she doesn’t have to look for their pay stubs or other employee information. She likes that the employees can login to the Symply app to find their information and pay stubs on their own without reaching out to her. It makes the onboarding experience simpler and faster for both of them.

Also, with Symply Reports feature, Alternative Adult Day Services can generate reports on the go and this has made their work easier and faster.

Here’s how Alan, the Executive Administrator at Alternative Adult Day Services describes Symply’s exceptional support team:


“Mariella, the Stellar Payroll Expert. I had the pleasure of working with Mariella as my payroll expert, and I must say, she exceeded all my expectations. Mariella embodies the qualities that every employer seeks in a payroll expert: she is quick, reliable, efficient, knowledgeable, and always on her A-game. One of the standout attributes of Mariella is her remarkable speed. When it comes to handling payroll tasks, she works diligently and swiftly, ensuring that everything is completed in a timely manner. Reliability is another trait that Mariella excels in. She takes great pride in her work and consistently delivers accurate results. Efficiency is a key quality that makes Mariella stand out from the crowd. She knows all the ins and outs of the payroll process and utilizes her expertise to streamline operations. Mariella's knowledge in the field of payroll is extensive, and it shows in her work. She stays up-to-date with the latest regulations, tax laws, and industry trends, ensuring that my company remains compliant. Lastly, Mariella consistently brings her A-game to every task she undertakes. Her work ethic is admirable, and she approaches each payroll task with enthusiasm and dedication. I can always count on her to give her best effort, resulting in a seamless and hassle-free payroll process.”

Alan Bond


Executive Administrator


The employees at Alternative Adult Day Services like that they can get their information and pay slips from the app whenever they feel like it. They are really happy about it, and no one calls Anita to request for their information. This is a big win for Anita :)

Anita says the reports feature has also made her life easier. She said it’s sweet and nice to just enter dates and generate the reports in seconds.

Anita loves that Symply is always streamlining the process. She loves it because payroll can be overwhelming especially when there are lots of employees with different benefit packages. 

Bonus Benefits

With Symply’s extra support, Alternative Adult Day Services gets guidance through all their payroll needs, whether it's addressing questions, providing invaluable advice, or offering tailored solutions. 

Symply’s fast response and ability to handle Alternative Adult Day Services challenges with ease has given their business peace of mind.

Our support team’s expertise in payroll services coupled with our remarkable attention to detail has instilled in them a sense of trust that is rare.