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AAA Camps LP decreased time spent on onboarding new hires

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Key Takeaways

Saved time with electronic signatures during employee onboarding

Improved employee onboarding experience

Automated w4 and i9 collection and storage


AAA Camps LP is a Youth Development / Summer Camp Company, with 2 locations across California. One of their goals as a business was to save time and money in their HR workflows. Their major objectives were to achieve compliance and retain top employees. As AAA Camps expanded to a second location, the need to quickly train and integrate new hires into the team grew. Maintaining and scaling the company's culture through onboarding was crucial to the business growth and sustainability. As a result, AAA Camps had to frequently onboard new employees, which became time-consuming and resource-intensive.

The Challenge

The journey of a new hire at AAA Camps starts with submitting their personal and bank information which is the start of their onboarding process. This involves a lot of confidential information that requires compliant and efficient processes. As a business, they needed their employees to trust their processes.

Next is the employment eligibility and tax compliance process. Every new hire has to complete and sign a W-4 document, this is a document provided by the Internal Revenue Service that will provide the company with the correct amount of federal tax withholding that will be withheld from the employee's paycheck. Another mandatory document is the i9 document, this also has to be completed and signed by the new hire to verify their identity and employment authorization in the United States.

There are other documents that new hires have to provide so AAA Camps can stay compliant with labor laws, such as the covid vaccination record card. The penalties for not adhering to labor laws are very costly and can stifle the growth of a business, hence the need for them to take labor law compliance very seriously.

Lastly, new hires are trained on AAA Camps business and culture, as well as the expectations from their role, so they can get started on the job and perform their responsibilities effectively. The tradeoff between a high quality orientation process and shorter onboarding time became a big challenge.

With lots of confidential documents to submit and sign, crucial information to pass across to new hires, and the need to get them started on their tasks as soon as possible, the onboarding process became time consuming and an overwhelming experience for employees.

The Solution

The collaboration between Symply and AAA Camps started with one clear goal - save time and money for the business.

By signing up with Symply, AAA Camps new hires were on-boarded into the company through an electronic process. All we had to do was enter the new hire's basic details into the application, and an invitation was emailed to the new hire to sign in and complete the four onboarding steps - complete their personal details in their portal, add payment details, complete W4, I9, and acknowledge all company documents. Within minutes the new hires were able to submit their information, upload verifications and sign documents through a desktop or mobile device.

The tradeoff between a high quality orientation process and shorter onboarding time was solved by Symply's customisable electronic onboarding process. At AAA Camps, they defined high quality onboarding as an experience where their HR workflows are flexible enough to seamlessly meet the unique onboarding needs of each new hire. And Symply was able to deliver on that.

With Symply's doc builder functionality, AAA Camps was able to edit pdf documents in the application, by adding text fields within the document and assigning to new hires to complete and sign. They’ve also been able to provide the new hires with important information about AAA Camps and established clear expectations and guidelines for them to follow. New hires have been able to read and sign the employee handbook, voluntary disclosure statement, meal period-on duty and even uploaded COVID 19 vaccination cards during their onboarding process.

To make the process even more seamless, they could configure the editable documents to be automatically assigned to all new hires during their onboarding or to specific new hires based on their department and location. They also liked that the documents are saved in the employee's account and the employees can always have access to them, even after their onboarding is completed.


Symply made it easy to handle our employee onboarding.

Mike Stillson


Executive Director


Symply's electronic onboarding process has enabled AAA Camps to achieve compliance by having all employee information & documents transmitted, saved, and backed up by the cloud. Incorporating Symply's electronic signatures in their HR workflows has also saved them a great deal of time.

The customisable functionalities in the documents process helped AAA Camps to save time while giving new hires a more effective orientation, and integration into the company’s culture and practices.

Bonus Benefits

Friendly, Quick and Helpful Customer Service

So far, AAA Camps has enjoyed excellent customer service from Symply. Symply’s support team is always ready to offer friendly, quick and helpful service to support clients and ensure that their expectations are met. 

In 2022, Symply’s customer support achieved an NPS of 92.