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The Closet Butler

Our goal is to save time, eliminate errors and stress in Payroll and HR management

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20 - 50 Employees

Key Takeaways

Save Time with Symply’s Fast Payroll Processing Capabilities

Eliminate Calculation Errors with Symply’s Time and Attendance

Eliminate Onboarding Stress with Symply’s Employee Self-Service


The Closet Butler is Utah’s largest Independent, Family-Owned custom closet and garage cabinet company. Their commitment to offering the highest quality products combined with their outstanding service has made them an industry leader throughout the state.

The Challenge

The amount of time spent running payroll and processing quarterly reports at The Closet Butler, took up an entire day, which was exhausting. Dealing with calculation errors in manual time cards and onboarding assistance to employees became a very time consuming process that was uneventful. 

The Closet Butler needed a platform with fast payroll processing capabilities that would give them back their precious time. They also needed a simple time and attendance feature that will eliminate calculation errors with manual time cards and an employee self-service feature that eliminates the stress that comes with onboarding new employees.

The Solution

The Closet Butler made the choice to switch to Symply and have not regretted it. They were hesitant at first because they did everything manually and thought the transition would be hard and time consuming, but they were pleasantly surprised with how seamless the transition was. 

After their successful transition, they were so pleased with the simple steps they took in uploading their time and attendance data to run payroll on Symply - Upload, Review & Run. Symply’s Time & Attendance has given them full transparency across all of their systems. They can now import hours with ease and process payroll with their employees tracked work hours.

To onboard a new employee, all The Closet Butler had to was give Symply the employee's basic details, then an invitation was emailed to the employee to sign in and complete these four onboarding steps: Complete Profile, Add Payment Details, Complete W-4 & I-9 & Sign Company Documents. 

With Symply’s Employee Self-service, their employees can complete their onboarding and login to their accounts to download their pay stubs, upload documents, update their information and complete assigned training, all on their own.

Symply Reports provides The Closet Butler with access to over ten customizable report types that can be generated and downloaded in less than five seconds. These reports can be customized by dates, company information, and employee information.


“It is so nice that our employees can log in and get their own pay stubs and check their leave balance when they need them. It takes the burden off me and puts it onto the employee. The reports that we have access to in Symply are very effective and make my job easier. When payday comes around, I no longer dread the amount of time it takes. I went from spending the majority of the day doing payroll and now can get it done in less than an hour. I used to dread the end of the quarters and especially January, but Symply has given me back precious time.”

Brenda Saddler




The Closer Butler now processes their payroll in less than an hour and can generate effective reports in seconds.

They love using the time and attendance feature that Symply offers because it has eliminated worrying about calculation errors with manual time cards. The time & attendance data upload process is simple and saves them so much time. 

The employee onboarding process has definitely relieved some stress for them as well since Symply handles it all. Their employees can complete their onboarding and access their pay stubs and information all on their own, and without having to reach out to them. They like that it makes them look more professional too. 

Bonus Benefits

Symply handles all their quarterly reports, annual reports, W2s, etc. This has been a game changer for The Closet Butler.